Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is it just 'one of those days?'

A Climber, Without a Rope, Clings with Fingertips to Half Dome

Have you ever felt that you are just feeling off? Are you feeling angry or anxious for no apparent reason? Sometimes we are triggered by things and we can't even tell why. This can happen for different reasons, but two that I see in my work all the time are 'age triggered' or 'generational' issues.

Basically, all the experiences that we have ever had are stored somewhere in our body. When we face something that triggers those memories then they come to the surface to be dealt with again. There are also many generational things that we inherit from our ancestors, addictions and depression are two of them. If you find that you are having 'one of those days' maybe it is time for an energetic tune-up. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Simply Healed Gives Back: Honoring Veterans

Carolyn Cooper is hosting a FREE group clearing phone call for all veterans this next week! At the end of the phone session, Carolyn will share with veterans how they can have a free session with one of the many SimplyHealed practitioners. I am honored to be a part of this fantastic group!

Here is the link for more information. Be sure to share this with your veteran friends. I am so thankful for the freedoms we enjoy because of the military veterans that protect and uphold our constitution and nation. Be sure to thank any veterans you know for their contribution to protecting our freedoms.